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Lilo et Scrump (Lilo & Stitch)

An adorable duo

Lilo is shown here wearing the red dress with white flowers that she wears at the beginning of the movie. She is also wearing blue sandals and a big brown bag slung over her shoulder. We find her brown skin and her long black hair with a fringe a little dishevelled on the front. In her other hand, she holds her little green Scrump doll with buttons instead of eyes and her mouth all sewn up. She also has a pink bow on top of her head with a tuft of straw sticking out.


A funny friend

Lilo is one of the heroines of the cartoon Lilo and Stitch of the Disney studios. This one takes place mainly on the island of Hawaii. Lilo lives with her big sister Nani since the death of their parents and both of them are trying to get by. Lilo is an endearing little girl but she has a hard time making friends because of her temper. She is often found playing with her voodoo doll Scrump. One day, she and her sister decide to adopt a dog. It is then that they fall on Stitch and it is of course him that Lilo chooses. But Stitch is in fact an alien creature who crashed on Earth while running away. To escape his pursuers, he decides to play along and pretend to be a dog.


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