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Luau Timon (Le Roi Lion)

A strange diversion

When Simba wants to take back the power, he has to manage to move the hyenas away from Scar’s den and for that, he needs a diversion. Timon will then disguise himself as a Hawaiian dancer to go to the hyenas, then run away so that they will chase him. He is thus represented standing with his beige coat and his brown extremities. On his face, we find this big black nose, his smiling mouth and the tuft of hair on the top of his head. As in this famous scene, he wears a skirt of green leaves and a necklace of pink flowers. And on top of his head, he wears a bigger pink flower to complete his look.


A friend ready for anything

Timon is one of the funny animals taking in Simba in the Disney cartoon, The Lion King. Simba is the son of Mufasa, the king of the savannah, and he himself is destined to become king later on. His life is therefore happy and carefree until the day he foolishly puts himself in danger. Mufasa comes to his rescue but finds himself in danger. Scar, his brother, jealous of his status and that of Simba, takes the opportunity to push him off the cliff and blame Simba. Feeling very guilty, Simba flees into the jungle. There he is taken in by a meerkat, Timon, and a warthog, Pumbaa, who teach him to take life in stride and not worry about anything. But Nala, SImba’s childhood friend, comes to get him and tells him that he has to take over his role because Scar has become king and he is absolutely tyrannical. Timon and Pumbaa will do everything they can to help their young friend.


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