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Maine Coon (Pets)

Stately cats

Like other cats, the Maine Coon is shown sitting upright with its tail pulled to the side. The most common coat of the Maine Coon is the brown tabby. The Maine Coon also have a very long and thick coat and we can see that on the neck and on the tail with a nicely reproduced coat. On the head, we also find his small muzzle, his black eyes and especially his ears with their characteristic little feathers of hair.


A cat with mysterious origins

Like the other figurines in the Pets series, this one is inspired by a breed of domestic animal and not by a specific character. The Maine Coon is one of the only breeds of cat naturally native to the United States, Maine in particular. According to legend, classic farm cats were crossed with raccoons, hence the name. Obviously this is not possible from a genetic point of view but the name has stuck. Another more plausible theory is that it would be a cross between farm cats and Norwegian forest cats brought by the Vikings. This is believable given the similarity between these two breeds and the Vikings’ travels to North America.


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