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Master Roshi Kamehameha (Dragon Ball Z)

A cool grandpa

For this exclusive figurine, Funko represented Master Roshi forming a kamehameha between his two hands and this is represented by a slightly transparent blue ball. He is wearing brown pants with a tank top and green flip flops. On the head, he has a long white beard, a long moustache, and big green sunglasses that hide his eyes. His head is completely bald and you can see his eyebrows rising almost to the top of his forehead.


A powerful fighter

Master Roshi is the martial arts master of young Goku in the Dragon Ball Z series. He trained the famous hero who will become himself one of the most powerful fighters, but also many other fighters, his reputation preceding him in the world of martial arts. Master Roshi lives in a cave like a hermit, having very little contact with the outside world but he is also a notorious pervert. He is often seen spying on young girls behind their windows or looking under their skirts. Goku will entrust him years later with the training of the son he had with Chichi, Gohan.


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