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Max Mall Outfit (Stranger Things)

A summer outfit

For this new version of Max, Funko has represented her with the outfit she wears when she goes to the mall with Eleven for the first time. She wears light blue jean shorts with a high waist and a striped t-shirt. She also wears skater sneakers with red-edged socks. On the head, we find her long curly red hair as well as her freckles and the red sunglasses she wears on top of her head.


New friendships

Max is one of the important new characters in the Stranger Things series. Arrived from California the year before, she had joined the gang on the insistence of Lucas and Dustin who both had a weakness for her. The latter seemed to have a particularly complicated relationship with her adoptive big brother who resented her for their coming to Hawkins. Having joined the fight at the end of season two after confronting her brother, she was finally completely accepted by all the members of the group. In season three, the group enjoys their first quiet summer in Hawkins and it seems that Max has become quite close to Eleven and will probably teach her a lot about the codes of teenage life. This summer coincides with the construction of a new mall and the installation of a carnival but unfortunately the respite will be short-lived since it seems that the Upside Down monster has not said its last word.


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