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McTwisp (Alice Through The Looking Glass)

The famous white rabbit

The white rabbit is the first inhabitant of the Wonderland that Alice will meet in the first movie and he will of course be present in the second. We find his body all white whose effect of fur is particularly well reproduced. As always he wears a blue jacket and an elegant matching jacket. He holds in his hand his gold pocket watch and very finely represented. At the head level, his eyes are slightly circled with pink and his eyebrows are marked to give him an angry look. He has a small pink nose and his muzzle is delicately shaped. Finally, he has of course his two big white ears on top of his head.


The trigger of the whole adventure

McTwisp is one of the important characters of the movie Alice Through The Looking Glass. This film is a loose film adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s famous novel Through The Looking Glass. It is also the sequel to Alice in Wonderland released in 2010 and directed by Tim Burton, which was the adaptation of the novel by Lewis Carroll of the same name. In the first episode, Alice is at a garden party and has just received a marriage proposal. A little lost, she tries to leave but then falls on a rabbit wearing a jacket and a pocket watch. She follows him down a rabbit hole and finds herself in Wonderland with him. There she meets several strange characters and helps them fight the terrible Queen of Hearts. A few years later, while at home, Alice hears voices coming from the mirror in her living room, she passes through it and finds herself in a Wonderland all turned upside down. She will have to face the lord of time this time to save her friends.


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