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Mewtwo (Pokemon)

A funny mutant

Like Mew, from whom he is inspired, his body is a mix between a gerbil and a cat. It is mainly purple with a darker belly and a powerful tail of the same color. It has legs reminiscent of a kangaroo and front legs with only three fingers. Its head is close to that of a cat and a somewhat reptilian nose. On the top of its head, it has some kind of horns reminding the shape of a cat’s ears.


A super mutant

Mewtwo is a pokemon in the famous Nintendo video game. It is not part of the original Pokemon since it was created from Pokemon Mew by Team Rocket in order to make a stronger, more powerful and bigger version. Therefore, it has only this form and cannot evolve. Like Mew, its powers are mainly psychic. He can cause stress in them, preventing them from thinking about eating and making them expend much more energy for each spell they spend. Despite his powerful legs, he moves mostly by levitating.


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