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Mike Snowball Dance (Stranger Things)

An elegant young man

So here Funko has represented Mike with his Snowball Dance outfit. He is wearing gray pants with black shoes and on top he is wearing a red tie and a small gray vest, very fashionable in the 80s. On top, he wears a brown jacket. At the level of the head, we find well his freckles as well as his haircut with a fringe of black hair.


An important night

Mike is one of the central characters in the fantasy series Stranger Things. In the first season, he and his friends investigate to find their friend Will, who was kidnapped by a terrifying creature and taken to a parallel dimension. During their investigation, they meet Eleven, a strange girl with telekinetic powers. At the end of the season, she disappears while fighting the monster and Mike thinks she is dead. In the second season, Mike has a hard time recovering but Eleven is not actually dead, but hidden away so that the dangerous people in the lab won’t find her. At the end of the season, they finally meet again and they go to the Snowball Dance together.


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