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Minnie Witch (Mickey)

A funny little witch

Minnie is represented here as a little witch for the Funkoween collection of Funko for Halloween. She is on a transparent base and stands on a broom as if she was flying. She is almost entirely in black and white except for her shoes and the little bow on her hat and broom which are orange. She wears a simple dress with a cape and a pointed witch’s hat from which her two large mouse ears protrude. Finally, we find her mouse face and her eyes with big closed lashes.


An iconic character

Minnie is one of the most famous characters of Walt Disney born at the same time as his companion Mickey. Both were created in 1935 for the short film Steamboat Willie. Like Mickey, Minnie is an anthropomorphic mouse who talks, moves and lives like a human. For her time, Minnie is portrayed as a particularly independent woman, often rebuffing Mickey’s attempts to help her and proving perfectly capable of standing up for herself. Minnie has rarely been the heroine of her own adventures, but she has been featured in numerous short films, TV shows and video games. The couple is often represented together as a symbol of the studios but if we see them a priori never get married.


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