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Missy (Doctor Who)

A devilish Mary Poppins

Missy’s very early 20th century appearance gives her a look strongly reminiscent of Mary Poppins. She wears a dark blue skirt with a matching mid-length coat that is very fitted at the waist. Underneath, we can see that she is wearing a strict white blouse with a cameo brooch. She also wears small black boots and, like Mary Poppins, holds an umbrella that also seems to serve as a walking stick in her other hand. At the head, her black hair is pulled back into a simple bun at the back of her head.


A new incarnation

Missy is the nickname given to the last incarnation of the master in the British series Doctor Who. She is the first female incarnation of the character who appeared for the first time in season 8. Indeed, like the Doctor, the Master is also a time lord who can adopt new incarnations every time he dies. He is also a childhood friend of the Doctor’s who has gone wrong and chosen to act for evil. However, as this female incarnation of the character is new, Missy’s real identity is a mystery for many episodes and it takes the Doctor some time to figure out that she is in fact his childhood friend who has become one of the recurring antagonists.


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