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Mr Incredible (Incredibles 2)

A classic costume

On this figure, Mr. Incredible is of course represented with his famous superhero costume. This one is a tight red jumpsuit with black underwear, gloves and boots. On his exaggeratedly muscular torso, we find the logo of his superhero name, a yellow i” on a black background. On the head, we find her minimalist nori mask, her massive head as well as her funny little puff of blond hair on top of her head.

An ordinary man

Mr Incredible is one of the heroes of the movie Incredibles 2 from Disney Pixar Studios and therefore the sequel of the first movie of the same name. He is the father of a family of superheroes whose members have superpowers but unfortunately superheroes are not really welcome anymore after one of them caused a catastrophe, so most of them live in hiding. In the second, while his wife Elastigirl tries to re-legitimize superheroes, Mr. Incredible takes care of his three children. But a new super villain named Screenslaver comes to town and Mr. Incredible’s super strength may be needed again to fight him.


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