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Natsu Silver (Fairy Tail)

A silver Natsu

For this exclusive version released on the occasion of Funimation’s 25th anniversary, Funko has represented Natsu in a silver version. We can recognize his usual tunic worn with sandals and the special texture of his scarf around his neck. At the head level, we find his short hair styled in peaks on top of the head and finally, he holds a flame in his right hand.


The son of the dragon

Natsu is one of the main characters of the anime and manga series Fairy Tail. In this world where magic is omnipresent, mages are organized in guilds. Natsu is a powerful fire mage who belongs to the Fairy Tail guild. Because he was raised by a dragon, he tends to be very impulsive and easily resort to violence. But despite his frequent arguments with the other members, he is also a very loyal friend, ready to do anything for his friends, even to sacrifice his life.


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