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Niffler with Purse (Fantastic Beasts)

The Niffler and his treasure

Before Newt can get it back, the Niffler finds himself free in a bank and he manages to steal a lady’s wallet. This is how he is represented on this exclusive figurine for Target stores. In terms of posture, he is almost identical to the first version of this figurine, sitting on his backside with his brown/black fur and his face and large paws making him look a bit like a mole. But this time it is a small red purse that he holds in his paws and not gold coins.


An adorable little thief

Niffler is one of the characters of the movie The Fantastic Beasts, the first movie of the new saga taking place in the world of Harry Potter and inspired by a book of the same name and written by J.K Rowling under the pseudonym Newt Scamander in which all the fantastic creatures of the world of Harry Potter are described. The film tells the adventures of Newt at the beginning of the 20th century and the journeys he makes to list these creatures. When he arrives in New York, he accidentally exchanges his suitcase with that of a nomaj (muggle for the Americans) and some of these creatures escape and he will have to do everything to recover them. Among them, there is a niffler, small furry creatures with a rather cute appearance except for the fact that they are attracted by everything that shines and will do anything to get it.


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