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Olaf with Bruni (Frozen 2)

An adorable duo

Olaf is represented here, as usual, wearing a very big smile and with Bruni on top of his head. His body is composed of a big snowball, two smaller ones for the legs and a very big oblong one for the head. His arms and his hair” are made of tree branches and his nose is a big carrot. His body is partly covered with small blue flakes. Finally, Bruni the little blue salamander is standing on Olaf’s head with one paw raised and her tongue out in a joyful attitude that seems to delight Olaf.


An instant friendship

Olaf is one of the main characters in the Frozen 2 cartoon, a follow-up to the very popular first episode. He is a snowman magically created by Elsa when she lost control of her powers and fled to the mountain. In the second episode, all is well in Arendelle when Elsa accidentally awakens the spirits of the forest that have been mysteriously dormant since the battle between Elsa and Anna’s grandfather’s army and the peaceful people who lived there. The latter are threatening the safety of Arendelle, so Elsa must go into the forest to try to understand what happened and appease the spirits. She is accompanied by her sister, Kristoff, Sven and of course Olaf. On the way, they meet the spirit of the wind and the spirit of the fire by which Bruni is very attracted, a kind of small salamander appreciating particularly the contact of Elsa and Olaf since the latter tends to catch fire very easily. On his side, Olaf is always very easily touched by any friendly creature.


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