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Oogie Boogie in Dice Cart (L’Etrange No?l De Monsieur Jack)

The most evil of the canvas bags

Oogie Boogie is shown here in the Halloween train car, which has the special feature of being able to hook up to the other cars in this collection, all of which are pulled by the engine driven by Jack. Oogie Boogie being a great player, his car takes the form of two red dice each decorated with a skull and crossbones. He himself is a sort of beige canvas bag in a vaguely humanoid shape with a sewn-in opening for a mouth and a closed eye for a wink.

The most dangerous bogeyman

Oogie Boogie is an important character in the stop motion cartoon The Strange Christmas of Mr. Jack set in Halloween town. He’s a sort of mobster bogeyman living in the underbelly of the town that everyone is a little afraid of, even in a town full of monsters. When Jack Skellington, a little tired of Halloween, discovers Christmas town and decides to organize Christmas festivities this year, Oogie Boogie orders his henchmen to kidnap this famous Santa. He has heard so much about him and wants to learn more about him and try to spoil the Christmas party. While Jack decides to replace Santa, Sally does everything she can to find the kindly old man and save him from Oogie Boogie’s clutches.


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