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Orochimaru (Naruto Shippuden)

The snake ninja

Orochimaru is represented here using the famous snake technique often terrifying his enemies. He is wearing his simple grey and beige ninja outfit with brown sandals. He holds in his hand his sword and around his waist, he wears a purple cord and from his back three brown snakes with their tongues out. On his head, we find his pale complexion and his long black hair falling in front of his face.


A prodigy turned evil

Orochimaru is the antagonist of the first phase of the manga and anime Naruto Shippuden taking place in a modern Japan but where ninjas, organized in villages and orders have an important and very respected role in the society. Orochimaru was one of the three Sannin of the village of Konoha, notably alongside Tsunade. He was a real prodigy who often distinguished himself during the war but his goal was to reach immortality by acquiring all the existing ninja techniques, so he started to make experiments on children whose genes he modified, not being afraid that this would condemn many of them.


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