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Pain Almighty Push glows in the dark (Naruto Shippuden)

A powerful technique

For this exclusive version of the character, Pain is shown here using the almighty push technique, allowing him to create a strong wave of repulsion pushing everything far away around him. He is shown on a transparent plastic base levitating slightly. He is wearing as always the long black tunic with a kind of red cloud of the Atsutaki and is standing with his hands on his sides, palms open. At the level of his head, we find the kind of implants at the level of his nose as well as his grey eyes with this pattern showing that he is using a specific technique. Finally, he wears a black headband with his orange hair sticking out over it.


A thirst for revenge

Pain is an important character in the series and in the manga Naruto Shippuden. He is an antagonist of the hero Naruto and the village of Konoha in general. He has a deep hatred and anger towards the established system of ninjas because his parents died, caught in the crossfire during a war of ninjas when they were not. Pain then decided to become a ninja himself, learning all the most powerful techniques in order to create the Atsutaki, a powerful criminal organization made up of ninjas free of laws.


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