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Patronus Remus Lupin (Harry Potter)

A much cuter wolf

Remus Lupin’s patronus is a much cuter and more normal wolf than his werewolf form, which is really a sort of cross between a man and a wolf. The patronus being a shield of light, the wolf is represented in blue plastic. His coat is very nicely represented and his tail and one of his front paws give a nice impression of movement. From his flanks and legs, some kind of lighter filaments are coming out, representing the movement and the supernatural side of the patronus.


The wolf-man

The patronus is not a character in its own right but a spell that the wizard produces and that can take a personalized form if he manages to master the technique sufficiently. This patronus is a kind of light shield that protects the wizard from various enemies, especially the detractors. Remus Lupin was one of the best friends of James Potter, Harry’s father, and he has the distinction of being a werewolf. For this reason, his patronus is logically a wolf. Harry first met him when Dumbledore hired him as his Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in third year. It was also in this year that the Detractors were sent to Hogwarts to protect the school from a potential attack by Sirius Black and it was for this reason that Lupin taught Harry to produce a patronus even though it is a technique normally well above his level.


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