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Peter Pegasus (Fantasia)

An adorable little foal

Peter Pegasus is a pegasus, that is to say a horse with bird wings. He is represented sitting on his backside with his front legs between his back legs. His coat is entirely black but his hooves are purple and his muzzle is pink. The inside of his ears and his mane are pink. Finally his wings, spread out in his back, are purple with pink tips.


A mythological world

Peter Pegasus is one of the many characters of the Disney cartoon Fantasia. Released in 1940, Fantasia is the third feature film from Disney Studios. While the two previous ones were inspired by a classical tale, Fantasia is a much more abstract work, Disney having wanted to put into images seven great pieces of classical music as he had already done in the Silly Symphonies. Peter Pegasus is one of the main characters of Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony, which brings to the fore a world inspired by Greek mythology, populated by centaurs and various creatures such as Peter, the young baby Pegasus. He is a very playful and enthusiastic little foal who is very important to learn to fly so that he can join his parents and play in the air with his brothers and sisters.


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