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Peter Pettigrew (Harry Potter)

A classic outfit

Peter Pettigrew is of course represented here in his human guise. He wears a brown suit that is more than retro since it is the one he wore the last time he took human form 12 years ago when Harry’s parents died. This one is also a bit damaged and has holes in some places. On the head, we can see his long blond hair starting high on his head as well as the two big warts that decorate his face. Finally, we notice that his nails are particularly long and that he still holds his hands in front of him in the way a rat holds its front legs when it is standing.


A master of camouflage

Peter Pettigrew is a character we first meet in the third episode of the famous adventures of the young orphan wizard Harry Potter. At the beginning of this episode, Sirius Black, the man who would have brought Voldemort to Harry’s parents to kill them, escapes from prison and everyone thinks that his goal is of course to go in search of him to finish the work started by the terrible wizard. Harry also learns that this man was not only the friend of his parents but also his godfather and that he would have also killed their other friend Peter Pettigrew of whom only a finger was found. But one night, Harry sees his name on the marauder’s map, the map that is supposed to show everyone in the castle. Later, while Harry, Ron and Hermione are outside on the school grounds, they are attacked by a large black dog, which is none other than Sirius Black in another form but he is actually after Ron’s rat and not Harry. We will then learn that the rat in question is in fact Peter and that it is him who sold Harry’s parents to Voldemort before pretending to be dead and blaming Sirius. Peter will be back with Voldemort again in the following episodes.


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