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Poison Ivy Impopster (Batman)

A toxic Batgirl

This Impopsters figure is not inspired by a comic book but was created directly by Funko. They decided to keep a female figure and therefore based on Batgirl. We find her gloves, her boots, her cape and her bat mask. But all these elements are of a bright green color in reference to Poison Ivy and instead of the usual tight suit of Batgirl, we find the famous green bustier of Poison Ivy.


A sexy Batgirl

Poison Ivy is a famous villain of the DC universe that we meet most often in the adventures of Batman. Her real name is Pamela Isley, she is initially a student in botany and biochemistry who agrees to participate in experiments with her professor and lover Alec Holland. He injects her with toxins that give her the ability to enter into symbiosis with plants and control them. But this also affects her mental health and she becomes crazy. It’s when she takes Gotham City hostage that she comes into conflict with Batman and becomes obsessed with him.


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