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Quasimodo Holding Gargoyle (The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame)

An adorable figurine

For this first figurine of this cult cartoon, Funko has represented Quasimodo with a little gargoyle. As always, his legs are a little bent with his simple green tunic and we can see the bump in his back that always makes him stand crooked. At the level of the face, we find his flattened nose and of important size as well as his eyebrow arch more developed on the left. He also wears a large smile and we find his short red hair. Finally, he holds in his arms a small gargoyle like a baby and a playing card, an ace of hearts. This figurine is an SDCC 2019 exclusive.


The Unloved

Quasimodo is one of the main characters in the cartoon The Hunchback of Notre Dame based on Victor Hugo’s famous novel, Notre Dame de Paris. A deformed and hunchbacked baby, Quasimodo is abandoned by his parents in front of Notre-Dame. He is taken in by Frollo, the archdeacon, who raises him as his son, despite a certain cruelty. Repeating to him that he is too ugly for the outside world, Quasimodo grows up in the cathedral, knowing it like the back of his hand and with only the gargoyles of the tower as friends. But one day he crosses paths with the beautiful gypsy girl Esmerelda, who had also seduced the captain of the guard Phoebus. Quasimodo becomes friends with her but Frolo also crosses her path and falls under her spell. But he sees in her the demon and the temptation and will do everything to destroy her, forcing Quasimodo to choose between the one who raised him and his new friend.


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