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Rattata (Pokemon)

An angry rat

Rattata is represented here on its four legs with its purple body on the top as well as its belly and the lower part of its yellow head. We find the three claws on each of his legs and his tail forming a loop. On the head, his mouth is open on two big white teeth and we can see his big ears as well as the two thick whiskers on each side of his face.


A funny little rat

Rattata is a fairly common first generation Pok?mon in the famous series of video games from Nintendo Studios. They take place in a world where the animals we know have been replaced by mutant animals. The goal of the player is to capture them to train them to fight other Pok?mon and eventually make them evolve. Rattata is a quadruped Pok?mon that is often used as a training tool for beginner trainers because it is very common. It has particularly developed senses. Its big ears give it a very fine hearing, its red eyes are piercing and its two big whiskers improve that even more.


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