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Rey sabre laser (Star Wars)

Rey and her lightsaber

Rey is represented here with the outfit of a wreck robber that she wears during the whole movie but this time she holds the blue lightsaber that she finds in the basement of Maz’s castle. We find this gray outfit composed of a pantacourt and a sleeveless tunic. We also find of course this kind of vest composed of two strips of beige fabric crossed at the chest. Like the second version of the Kylo Ren figure, Rey is represented in a combat posture holding the blue Skywalker lightsaber in both hands. Her face is simple but her characteristic hairstyle is clearly recognizable.


A new character with the force

Rey is one of the new main characters of the new Star Wars trilogy starting with the movie The Force Awakens. At the beginning of the movie, she is a scavenger of wrecks on the planet Jakku. It is then that she crosses the path of the robot BB8. He carries a piece of the map that could lead the resistance to Luke Skylwalker. It was entrusted to him by Poe Dameron before he was captured by the First Order. In the meantime, Poe managed to escape with the help of a Stormtrooper who decided to desert but he was left for dead during their escape. Fin the Stormtrooper will also find himself on Jakku and meet Rey by chance. When he sees that she is being pursued by the First Order, he decides to help her and together they will try to get to the First Order. Very quickly, we will realize that Rey is one of the last ones to possess the force even if we don’t know why since the identity of her parents remains mysterious.


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