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Rize (Tokyo Ghoul)

An adorable appearance

As in the series, Rize has a particularly innocent appearance compared to her role. She wears a small white dress over a blue t-shirt as well as green tights and multicolored heels very finely reproduced. On the head, we can see her purple hair tied on the side with a small pink bow and falling a little on the front of her face, as well as her rectangular glasses with red half-rims.


Much suffering

Rize Kamishiro is an important character of the manga Tokyo Ghoul taking place in a Tokyo where many of the inhabitants were transformed into ghouls feeding on human flesh. She was the illegitimate daughter of the head of a large corporation from which she managed to escape as a child. She was thought to be dead when her ghoul organ was used to transform Ken Kaneki, the hero of the series, into a hybrid, to save his life. But her body was later found and used as a host for the terrible Dragon, who was partly responsible for the goulification of Tokyo, before Ken Kaneki put her out of her misery.


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