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Sadio Man? (Liverpool FC)

A deserved place

Funko has therefore represented Sadio Man? here with his red Liverpool FC jersey. This one is red with white edges and the logos of his sponsors on the chest. He also wears red socks and orange sneakers with studs. We find his dark skin and his hair cut in a kind of crest on the top of the head. Finally, he stands with his hands on his hips and one foot on the ball.


A persevering player

Sadio Man? is a Senegalese soccer player who plays internationally as a winger or striker. He was born in 1992 in a small rural community in Senegal. His passion for soccer was born at a very young age but his family did not see it as a good thing. At the age of fifteen, he even ran away to Dakar to try to make a living. Eventually his family will find him and by dint of insistence, he will let him join M’Bour, an important soccer town to recruit trainers. In 2009, he joined the AS Generation soccer club before leaving for FC Metz. He then left for Salzburg where he stood out by scoring more than a goal every two games and was coveted by other clubs. He finally joined his current club, Liverpool FC, in 2016.


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