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Sasuke Rinnegan (Naruto Shippuden)

An impressive technique

Sasuke is shown here using the rinnegan technique, literally the eye of Samsara, a very powerful technique requiring a lot of concentration. He is wearing his usual outfit, pants tightened at the ankles with a long purple tunic and a very wide blue belt doubled with a rope belt. He also wears sandals. At the level of the head, we find his black hair styled in spikes and in his eyes, we find the specific patterns which show that he masters the rinnegan technique.


A powerful ninja

Sasuke Rinnegan is an important character of the manga and the anime Naruto Shippuden. Like many young people in this universe, his goal was to train to become a ninja. For this reason, he found himself in the same group (group 7) as the hero of the series Naruto and his friend Sakura. All three of them had Kakashi as their mentor. But while Naruto wanted to become a ninja to follow the footsteps of his parents, Sasuke was mostly motivated by revenge, his brother Itachi having killed almost all his clan when he was a child. If Sasuke can appear cold and detached, he is not less attached to his friends. However, his quest for revenge will push him to learn more and more advanced techniques and will keep him away from Konoha village and his friends for a while.


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