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Scrooge McDuck with red coat (Picsou)

A very elegant duck

For this exclusive figurine, Scrooge is shown here with his red coat instead of blue. He also wears a black belt with a matching collar and sleeves and a gold button. He wears gaiters on his hind legs and a top hat and cane for a stylish look. He also wears glasses on his orange beak and holds a gold coin in his right hand.


The richest duck

Scrooge McDuck is one of the many ducks in the Disney universe. He was created by the cartoonist Carl Barks in 1947 and is the Scottish uncle of Donald but also of Riri, Fifi and Loulou with whom he will share many adventures. Scrooge is often presented as a cheapskate because he gives a lot of importance to his fortune and even likes to dive into mountains of gold. But he amassed it through his intelligence and business sense and is in fact a caring and loving uncle to his nieces and nephews.


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