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Sheogorath (Skyrim)

An elegant character

Funko has represented Sheogorath here with his elegant purple and gold outfit with very well represented embroidery details and consisting of pants and a long-sleeved tunic with a face represented on the belt. On the head, we find his yellow eyes and his gray hair and beard. Finally, he stands with one foot crossed and one hand holding his wabbajack stick representing a face with a wide open mouth.


The Prince of Madness

Sheogorath is a character from the video game Skyrim in the Elder Scrolls series. He is a daedra, a kind of deity of madness, whose realm is the shivering isles” located in oblivion but who manages to spread madness on Nirn. His personality is in accordance with the madness he represents. When he encounters humans, he can either amuse himself by making them perform absurd actions, touch them with his Wabbajack, a weapon that arbitrarily transforms humans into something else, or simply help them if the mood strikes him. He is known to behave in a socially inappropriate manner and has a strange passion for cheese.


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