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Sith Jet Trooper (Star Wars)

An impressive look

Sith jet troopers have the same look as regular jet troopers but this time their armor is red. The armor is a little more reinforced than the stormtroopers, especially in the torso, arms and boots. On the back, we can also see that he wears a jet pack allowing him to fly and he holds an impressive rifle. His helmet is also a little different from the stormtrooper’s to allow him to breathe well at altitude.


Sith Jet Troopers

The Sith Jet Troopers are a separate faction of the Empire’s army in the third Star Wars trilogy and a variant of the famous stormtroopers. They were a faction of the army that answered to the orders of the Sith cult, the cult that worshipped the last two Siths Darth Sidious and Darth Vader and wanted the Siths back in control of the galaxy. Sith Jet Troopers specialize in aerial combat thanks to the jetpack their armor is equipped with.


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