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Steve with sunglasses (Stranger Things)

A super cool look

Steve is shown here with the outfit he wears when he goes to the tunnels under the city to lure the demogorgons and buy Eleven a little time. He wears yellow cleaning gloves and sunglasses to protect himself as best he can and he also wears his famous baseball bat with nails in it to defend himself. Apart from that, his look is still very typical of the 80’s with his blue jeans, his white sneakers with red stripes and this very voluminous haircut.


An improving character

Steve has become one of the most beloved important characters in Stranger Things after a difficult start in season 1. Indeed, in season 1, he is the popular and superficial boyfriend of the very smart Nancy but after the events of the end of the season, he has become more kind and sympathetic. At the beginning of season 2, he and Nancy break up and as events unfold, he finds himself helping Dustin and then the rest of his group of friends when he realizes that Dart, the strange creature he had found and kept, has grown up and is becoming a demogorgon and that he has also run away from his basement. Steve is quite understanding when he realizes that Nancy is now dating Jonathan and he will be willing and brave to help the group of teenagers when they decide to go help Eleven who is going to close the rift to the Upside down.


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