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Stitch on tricycle (Lilo & Stitch)

New experiences

Stitch is shown here on the tricycle he steals from one of the little girls who are mean to Lilo. This tricycle is pink with a large wheel in the front and two in the back as well as a purple saddle and handlebars of the same color. You can see mud hanging from the wheels showing that he has already taken a ride on it. Stitch is sitting on it with his hands on the handlebars and his feet on the pedals. On the head, he has a big smile showing all his teeth and a big dark blue nose. He also has big ears with pink inside.


A New Life

Stitch is one of the heroes of Lilo and Stitch, one of the last traditionally animated Disney movies released in the late 90s. Stitch is an alien creature created in a laboratory by a mad scientist who wanted to make him a very strong, intelligent and evil creature. The creator is sent to prison and Stitch is banished to a desert planet. But he manages to escape and finds himself on Earth. Determined to escape his pursuers, he poses as a dog and is adopted by Lilo, a little orphan girl living with her older sister. But having been created to be mean, it’s a bit difficult for Stitch to adapt to what is expected of a nice dog and he will cause a lot of damage and destruction before finally realizing what a family is and what a positive thing it is.


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