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Stitch Seated flocked (Lilo & Stitch)

A soft alien

For this exclusive figurine, Stitch is represented here in a flocked version, with a soft texture. He is sitting with his front legs between his back legs and we can see his blue body with his clawed legs and his lighter belly. On the head, we find his adorable little head with his big black eyes, his big blue nose and his big ears with pink inside. Finally, he has a very big smile with sharp teeth.


An adorable little monster

Stitch is an alien creature created in a lab to be strong, mean and smart in the Disney Studios cartoon Lilo & Stitch. At the beginning of the story, he and his creator are sentenced to prison and exile on a desert planet, but during his transfer, Stitch escapes and crashes to Earth in Hawaii. There, he is taken for a dog and taken to a kennel. Then Lilo and her older sister arrive, who have been struggling to get by since their parents died. They want to adopt a dog and Lilo’s choice is Stitch. Stitch decides to play along to escape his pursuers, but it’s not easy to play the good little dog when you’ve been programmed to be bad. However, as time goes by, Stitch will begin to appreciate the idea of being loved and being part of a family.


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