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T51 Power Armor (Fallout)

A steampunk style

As for all the armors found in the game, this one is at the same time futuristic and with a retro side that makes the whole a bit steampunk. He wears a big silver helmet with an oxygen system to avoid the polluted air outside, as well as a powerful metallic armor on the rest of his body, and a powerful and futuristic looking weapon.


A powerful armor

The T51 Power Armor is a type of very powerful armor that appeared for the first time in the fourth installment of the video game Fallout. This video game takes place in a post-apocalyptic future after the world’s largest nations have all, at the same time, detonated several atomic bombs. This resulted in a nuclear winter that killed almost all animal and plant species and a large part of the human population. After that, the humans took refuge in a bunker and the power armors were used by the army and the government forces in order to be able to continue to go outside.


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