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Tamatoa n?on (Moana)

A disco crab

For this SDCC 2018 exclusive figure, Funko has depicted Tamatoa in a glow in the dark version with the neon colors he takes on in some scenes of the movie when lit by black light. Being a giant crab, he is of course represented in a super-sized version and we find his two big claws at the front of his body with this very typical texture of a crab. Otherwise he is shown with a big mouth with strangely human teeth, two big bulging eyes and typical crab antennae.


A funny crab

Tamatoa is a character from the Disney cartoon Moana, inspired by a Polynesian legend about the creation of the world and of Polynesia in particular. Moana is the daughter of a tribal chief, who is destined to become a chief herself later on. One day she finds a stone on the beach and her grandmother tells her that it is the heart of the creator goddess Te-Fiti, which was taken from her and explains why the entire ecosystem of the archipelago is out of order. She believes that Moana is the one who is destined to return the heart of the island to the goddess in order to restore the balance. For this mission, she will be helped by the demigod Maui who is partly responsible. Along the way, they will encounter the giant crab Tamatoa, who is obsessed with all things luxurious and shiny and thus also the heart of the island.


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