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The Mandalorian on Blurrg (Star Wars The Mandalorian)

A complicated domestication

For this pop rides figure, Funko has represented The Mandalorian on the back of the blurrg. The creature has a gray body with a long tail and powerful back legs that can resemble those of an elephant. Its front legs are much smaller like those of a tyrannosaurus. It has no neck and its body is stocky with a head resembling that of a piranha. There is a saddle hanging around its chest and the Mandalorian is sitting on it. He is wearing his usual armor with a long cape and boots with ammunition hanging around them. Finally, he wears this characteristic helmet that he never takes off.


An awkward frame

The Mandalorian is the hero of the series of the same name taking place in the Star Wars universe. He is one of the Mandalorian people who, from the day they put on their helmet, can never take it off in front of anyone else or risk never being able to put it on again. He is also a bounty hunter who at the beginning of the series accepts an unofficial mission for a very large sum of money. He goes to the planet in question, an almost desert planet, on which he will encounter difficulties to move. Fortunately, he will be helped by Kuiil who will help him to domesticate a local animal looking like a dinosaur with a fish head. This will finally allow him to find the target he is supposed to bring back to his client.


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