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Tower Recon Specialist (Fortnite)

A real warrior

This is a fairly standard military outfit with beige and brown camouflage pants and matching heavy boots. The character is also wearing a green tank top with a military look and you can see the small metal plates that accentuate this look. The character is wearing black gloves and holding an axe of some sort in her hands. Finally, she is depicted as a redhead with her hair slicked back and freckles on her cheeks.


A classic outfit

The Tower recon specialist is one of the outfits that players can purchase in the Battle Royale version of the online video game Fortnite. After a strange storm wipes out 98% of the world’s population, there are almost only zombie husks left for players to fight. In the Battle Royale version, players must compete alone or in groups to be the last survivors on the map. The Tower Recon Specialist is one of the uncommon” female skins that appears on the store at irregular intervals but is not very difficult to obtain. The male equivalent of this skin is the Highrise assault trooper


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