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Treasure Skeleton glows in the dark (Pirates of the Caribbean)

An impressive treasure

Funko has therefore represented here this famous pirate sitting on his pile of gold in the attraction, his bones shining in the dark. The pile of gold is the base and we can also see gems, chests and swords sticking out of the pile. The skeleton wears a pirate outfit with a single boot, a black coat with gold buttons and a black tricorn with a red bandana underneath. He still holds his sword in one hand and some gems in the other.


A famous skeleton

The Treasure Skeleton is one of the most famous automatons of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disneyland. This attraction, one of the most popular, was inaugurated in the first Disneyland park in 1967, and was present since the opening of almost five other parks. In this attraction, visitors are on the water in a boat that goes around at night in a pirate world. First, you walk through a pirate village before arriving in the basement and in the famous cavern where a huge treasure is located. There, on a pile of gold coins and precious stones, we find the skeleton of a pirate sitting on top. It is of course from this attraction that the Pirates of the Caribbean movies were born and the character of Jack Sparrow greatly inspired by this famous pirate skeleton and another automaton that we meet earlier.


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