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Vampire Jack (L’Etrange No?l De Monsieur Jack)

An Elegant Jack

Jack is shown here wearing the outfit of one of the four vampire brothers in town. It’s a smart black suit with a short jacket and as usual a bow tie in the shape of a bat. He also wears a long black cape with a high, wide collar and fully lined with purple. His hands are those of a skeleton as well as his head. His mouth is open with two rows of teeth, some of which are missing, and we can see the hollows of his nose and his eye sockets.

Halloween star

Jack Skellington is the leader of the Halloween festivities in the famous stop motion animation created by Tim Burton for Disney Studios. He is a tall, skinny, living skeleton who is the star of Halloween town because his ideas are always the scariest. But this year, Jack is melancholy and Halloween doesn’t give him the happiness he usually feels. He goes for a walk in the forest and discovers by chance the Christmas town where everybody seems to be happy. Jack changes all his plans and decides to organize Christmas this year. But he eventually realizes that it wasn’t Halloween that was making him unhappy but the lack of love in his life.


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