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Wardrobe (La Belle Et La B?te )

A friendly armoire

For this exclusive figurine, Funko has represented this famous character. It is a large wardrobe in a baroque style with many gildings and decorations. It is beige with green doors. One of them, serving as a hand, is open and holds a pink dress. Inside, we can see many drawers. At the level of the head, decorations form her hair and she wears a very bright pink lipstick.


A living wardrobe

Wardrobe (Armoire in French) is one of the characters from the animated Beauty and the Beast. Like the many other animated objects in this cartoon, it used to be a human person who was turned into an object when a witch put a curse on the Prince living in this castle as well as on all the servants. Indeed, this vain prince refused to offer a shelter to this old woman because she was too ugly. The woman turned him into a horrible beast who would only return to his human form if he was loved in that form. Armoire was the lady-in-waiting of the manor. When Belle finds herself a prisoner in the castle, Armoire insists on making her wear the pretty dresses she has in her drawers and pushes her to get to know the Beast.


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