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Wicket (Star Wars)

An adorable little warrior

As in the movie, Wicket looks like a kind of little warrior teddy bear. His body with short legs and arms ending in three-fingered hands is covered with brown fur. At the level of his head with small round ears, he wears a kind of orange hood. Finally, in his left hand, he holds a rudimentary spear with a metal tip and a wooden handle.


The first meeting with the Ewoks

Wicket is a member of the Ewoks tribe met by the heroes of the first Star Wars saga. Indeed, in Return Of The Jedi, Luke, Leia and Han go to the moon of Endor in order to access the Death Star and destroy its new generator. There they encounter a tribe of small, hairy, intelligent creatures who first take them prisoner before Luke shows them that he has mastered the force and they decide to help them. Wicket is the first one they meet and with whom Leia tries to communicate.


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