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Zero art series (L’Etrange No?l De Monsieur Jack)

An artistic ghost

This Zero figure is part of the Art Series collection where Funko has taken molds of existing figures and painted them with artistic designs that are not inspired by any moment in the movie but give the figures an art toy feel. Zero is shown here on a transparent base that makes him look like he is flying. Like in the movie, his body is made of a kind of flying sheet but with the head of a dog with long hanging ears and a pumpkin nose. And to decorate it, it was covered with a pattern of skulls and bones intermingling in shades of orange and white.

The most adorable ghost dog

Zero is Jack Skellington’s faithful companion in the stop motion cartoon The Nightmare Before Christmas. This cartoon is set in the town of Halloween where Jack, a living skeleton, is the master of the festivities of this great holiday that all residents look forward to all year. Jack is known for having the scariest ideas, but after a while he begins to feel that something is missing to make him perfectly happy. Zero is the adorable little ghost dog that follows him around and that Jack throws bones to bring back to him like a stick. But even the good humor of his little canine companion isn’t enough to get Jack’s enthusiasm back.


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