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Zeus (Hercules)

An adorable gift

Zeus is shown here at the beginning of the cartoon when he brings Hercules his first gift, the young Pegasus. He is represented wearing a purple toga held by a golden button and revealing his tanned muscular arms and torso. At the head level, we find the so particular style of the drawing in this cartoon with his long white beard and his long and curly white hair. He also has a typical Greek nose and very marked eyebrows. Finally, he holds in one hand the baby winged horse Pegasus still all light purple and apparently sleeping.


The father of everything

Zeus is a character from the Disney cartoon Hercules, freely inspired by famous characters from Greek mythology. As in the mythology, Zeus is the god of gods and at the beginning of the story, he holds a party to introduce his newborn son, Hercules. Hades, god of the underworld, is angry that he was not invited and is still angry at Zeus for sending him. Seers tell him that he can get out of the underworld if Hercules dies. He then sends his henchmen to capture the young Hercules in order to inoculate him with a potion that will make him human. But the potion does not have time to take effect and Hercules becomes human but keeps his god-like strength. In spite of everything, Zeus is forced to abandon him on Earth, only the gods being able to live on the Olympus. As an adult, Hercules will have to prove his worth and become a hero if he hopes to return to Olympus.


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