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22 glows in the dark (Soul)

A glowing soul

For this exclusive figurine, 22 is represented here in a glows in the dark version, the souls having a luminous side in the world of souls. She is represented on a transparent plastic base to give the impression that she is floating and her body has the typical shape of a ghost. There are several pastel colors ranging from pink to turquoise and yellow which is also found on her cheeks. She wears a small smile and we find the small point on the top of her head.


A wavering soul

22 is one of the main characters of the animated film Soul from Disney Pixar Studios. This cartoon takes place between the world of the living and the world of souls. 22 is a soul who is waiting to be incarnated. Like all new souls, she needs a guide to help her find her spark, making her ready for Earth. But 22 has been here for centuries, even millennia, and none of her illustrious guides has succeeded in making her find her spark. This seems to suit him just fine. Then Joe arrives, who has just died while he was about to realize his dream. 22 offers to help him to find a way to return to his body but, in the haste, it is 22 who finds himself in Joe’s body and Joe in the body of a cat. While waiting for them to find a solution, 22 will perhaps finally understand the interest and the meaning of life.


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