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Mr Mittens soul world (Soul)

A cat’s soul

Mr Mittens is represented here under his pure soul’s form that he finds himself having when this one is ejected from his body and that Joe takes his place. This one is a very simple form vaguely resembling that of a cat with just two small pointed ears on the top. Her color is green going towards blue in gradation. We also find her big black eyes as well as her small simple cat muzzle and her white whiskers.


An unexpected cohabitation

Mr. Mittens is a character from the Disney Pixar Studios cartoon Soul. He becomes the accidental host of Joe Gardner’s soul, the hero of the film, for a while. Indeed, this last one, a music teacher a little disillusioned, has just died while he had just passed an audition to play with one of his idols. Determined to return to his body to finally realize his dream, Joe will be able to count on the help of 22, the soul he is supposed to prepare to integrate a body but who absolutely does not want to. Existing in the afterlife for a very long time, she knows the place well, including the soul of a man on Earth who manages to reach the world of the afterlife and who knows a way for a soul to return to Earth. He opens the passage for Joe, but 22 is taken along with him and it is she who finds herself in his body. Joe finds himself in the body of the hospital’s cat, Mr. Mittens. Joe will have to get used to this cat’s body while guiding 22 while waiting to be able to get back his body at last.


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