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Joe Gardner (Soul)

A musician’s soul

Joe Gardner is represented here as he is seen on Earth in his body. He is wearing gray pants with a simple but elegant black sweater and brown shoes. His head is very elongated like in the film and we find his brown skin. He has large black-rimmed glasses and a thin little mustache and a slightly crooked smile. He also wears an elegant brown hat on top of his head and holds a conductor’s baton in his right hand.


An opportunity in disguise

Joe Gardner is the hero of the Soul drawing from Pixar Studios. He is a jazz enthusiast who, failing to make a career as a musician, became a high school music teacher. He is rather disillusioned and sad and keeps dreaming of having the opportunity to be a real musician. Then a former student asked him to come and play in his band with one of his idols. He tries out and is hired to play that night, but on the way home, he falls into a hole and dies. He finds himself in the afterlife and, refusing to enter the white light, tries to escape and ends up in the area where new souls are born and trained before being sent to Earth. Joe is assigned to one of them to help him find his spark”. But this one has been there for a long time and has no desire to go to Earth. Joe sees an opportunity to return to Earth in her place to finally live his dream of being a musician. But things don’t turn out the way the two souls planned.


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