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Mr Mittens (Soul)

A funny cat

We find here in fact Joe under the form of the cat. This last one is a rather fat cat, sitting on its back with the two back legs on the sides. His body is almost all white except for his tail but his head is brown with the center of the face white. He has two small rectangular ears on top of his head and a small pink nose. Finally, he is holding a slice of pizza in his mouth, representing the moment when Joe explains to 22 that she needs to eat to have energy.


A new body

Mr. Mittens is a secondary character in Pixar Studios’ animated Soul. It is the body in which Joe Gardner accidentally finds himself when he tries to return to his body after having found himself in the afterlife. Indeed, this disillusioned music teacher was returning from a successful audition to play in his dream band when he fell into a hole and died. He then found himself in the world of souls where he was asked to train 22″ a recalcitrant soul who had no desire to integrate a body on Earth. “22” had been there for a long time and knew every corner of his world. She then suggests to Joe to find a man who can help her to reintegrate her body since this one is in coma. They manage to open a portal but 22 is embarked with him and it is her who finds herself in his body whereas Joe finds himself in that of the cat of the hospital. 22 will then have to manage Joe’s body while Joe finds a solution to recover his body.


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