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Agent J & Frank (Men In Black)

A not very original look

Like all the other Men In Black, J will have the right to wear a black suit with a black tie and white shirt, the uniform of the Men In Black. And so this is how he is represented. We also find his brown skin, his little goatee and his moustache as well as his hair cut short. He wears black sunglasses and in his right hand, he holds the object that allows him to erase the memory of civilians. He is accompanied by Frank, an alien who has taken on the appearance of a small dog and who often works as an informant for the Men In Black.


A newcomer to the organization

Agent J is one of the main characters in the science fiction film Men In Black. A police officer in New York City, James finds himself chasing a criminal on foot over a very long distance and to the roof of a very tall building. Just as he has managed to catch up with him, the man says a cryptic phrase, does something rather strange with his eyes, jumps off the top of the building and runs away as if nothing had happened. A government man comes to him and explains that he is an alien and that he is part of a government agency that is supposed to manage the alien population on Earth. Before leaving him, he erases his memory and leaves him a card telling him to come to a certain address if he wants to know more. The next day, James goes there and realizes that he is in fact there to pass a kind of job interview. Agent K, whom he met the day before, is looking to train a successor and thinks that James would be a good candidate. He explains to him their mission but also their obligations to remain in the most total secrecy and to cut themselves from the world and James accepts. He then becomes a Men In Black, answering only to the name of agent J.


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