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Agent K & Neeble (Men In Black)

A funny team

Agent K is of course represented with his uniform” of Men In Black. That is to say a black suit, simple and elegant, worn with black shoes, a black tie and a white shirt. At the head level, he wears sunglasses hiding his eyes, and we can recognize his grey hair. In his hands, he holds an impressive metallic grey gun with a futuristic design. Finally, he is accompanied by Neeble, an alien working as a scientist at the M.I.B. agency. He is a small orange with big antennas on his head and addicted to coffee. He is shown standing with a small cup and a big pot of coffee.


A great career

Agent K is one of the two heroes of the cult science fiction movie of the 90s: Men In Black. He is an agent of an ultra-secret international governmental agency dealing with the presence of aliens on Earth, some of them representing a threat but many others living there in a very peaceful way. Agent K’s mentor had to retire recently and K feels it’s almost time for him too. So he decides to find a recruit to train to replace him. He finds New York City police officer James Edwards, who has managed to chase down a very fast alien on foot and whose quick wit and out-of-the-box methods show great promise. He then calls him in for a sort of job interview and tells him the whole truth about what the agency is doing, also explaining that he will have to leave his life and all the people he knows behind. James accepts and will then start his training with the grumpy but efficient Agent K.


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