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Alice Anniversaire Disneyland Resort (Alice Au Pays Des Merveilles)

Alice retro

To celebrate the 65th anniversary of the first Disneyland park, Funko has reissued the very first version of the character but with softer colors, a little past, to give a retro side. We find her little blue dress with balloon sleeves and a flared skirt. She also wears a white apron tight at the waist and small black shoes. At the level of the head, we find her blond hair of a yellow paster with the small black bow which holds them back.


A Funny Dream

Alice is the heroine of the Disney Studios animated film Alice in Wonderland, based on the famous novel by the English author Lewis Carroll. Alice is a young English girl living in the 19th century. One day, while she is a little bored learning her lessons in the garden of her big house, she sees a rabbit elegantly dressed and holding a watch while repeating that he is late. Intrigued, she decides to follow him down the rabbit hole. But the rabbit hole is very deep and when she reaches the bottom, she finds herself in an incredible world, populated by talking animals and flowers, where everyone seems to be a little crazy and not much makes sense. She will be invited by the rabbit and his friend the mad hatter to their unbirthday and will also meet the Cheshire cat who can appear and disappear at will. With these strange characters to help her, it will not be easy for Alice to find her way back. And if that wasn’t enough, she finds herself a prisoner of the Queen of Hearts. And that’s when she will finally wake up.


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